About Sum of its Parts

At Sum of its Parts we believe that a combination of Eden Energy Medicine and Emotional Freedom Technique can consistently provide a gentle, transformational experience that will take a person’s old self out of the way to easily allow a new inner being to shine through. Free of blocks, fears, guilt, or whatever might be in the way.

Our goal is to teach people how by bringing these techniques to them.

Energy Medicine

At Sum of its Parts we balance your subtle energies with a combination of two energy modalities. By subtle energies we mean the invisible forces that contour your thoughts, feelings and actions. The Meridian system, Chakras and the Aura are some examples of these energy systems.

The two modalities we combine are: Eden Energy Medicine and Emotional Freedom Technique.

Alternative Healing

At Sum of its Parts we find that the energy balancing of EEM followed by EFT can create  powerful shifts. The changes occur so naturally that they feel effortless.  The technique known in EEM as the Quickie Energy Balancer has an extremely relaxing effect, and it readies your body and mind for transformational affects of EFT.

Please call or email us for an appointment. Your wellbeing will be glad you did.

EFT and EEM are not meant to diagnose or treat physical or mental illness. These modalities balance your energies to help bring out the body’s ability to heal itself.

Contact wellness coach Jamie Reddington, RN, EEM-CP, EFT-INTc.

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